• Clean Bongs

    Keeps tar from depositing inside your clean water pipe!

  • Reduced Tar

    Reduces tar an average of 35% more than water!

  • Less Odor

    Drastically reduces the odor of the smoke!

  • Antibacterial

    Anti-bacterial to keep harmful bacteria from growing!

Water v. Cleanest Hits

Water v. Cleanest Hits

There's just no comparison. Stop wasting time with water, keep those hard to reach spots clean!

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Pipe Hard To Clean?

Pipe Hard To Clean?

No problem! Only your bowl and down stem will need cleaning with Cleanest Hits.

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Hey there Cleanest Hits!
I can't tell you how much I appreciate and enjoy the product samples, thanks again! Using Cleanest Hits has opened up my world to a whole new experience with smoking! The name really says it all when it comes to the benefits with using your product! Every puff you inhale with Cleanest Hits replacing the water in your favorite glass smoking device is incredibly smooth and truly clean in flavor! It really allows for the natural terpene profile in your cannabis to shine through without tainting that flavor with an overly mint-heavy taste like most of the other similar products to Cleanest Hits on the market will do! Also, another one of my favorite attributes with using Cleanest Hits is how little of an amount any burnt resins will build up on the inside of your smoking device as opposed to what happens when just using regular water. And it even works well with hash smoking devices(dab rigs)! All in all, using Cleanest Hits provides a very enjoyable smoking experience while leaving your mouth and lungs feeling refreshed and allowing for much easier cleaning/maintenance with your beloved glass smoking pieces!
Your biggest bud tender fan,
- Mike Mo from Kind Love! 
 "My favorite piece has percs, so it's a pain in the a** to clean! ... My piece has been staying so clean thanks to your product! ... I just can't get over how well it works!! ... My cousin came over yesterday and mentioned how my bong was so clean and i showed her your product. :) "
-Tyra R. from Jacksonville Oregon


How do I use Cleanest Hits Smoke Filtration?

Simple, just use Cleanest Hits Smoke Filtration in any water pipe to smoke through instead of water. It's premixed for your convenience.

Is it a cleaner?

No, it's a preventer. Cleanest Hits Smoke Filtration traps the tar in the liquid, as you are smoking. This has 3 benefits: tar doesn't deposit inside the bong, you inhale less tar, and the smoke has less odor!

Is Cleanest Hits Smoke Filtration safe?

Yes! Cleanest Hits Smoke Filtration is made from non-toxic and food-grade ingredients. You can find more information on our Safety tab.

Why does it make more bubbles than water?

The bubbles are the secret to our success! This is a great visual indicator that Cleanest Hits Smoke Filtration is still working! With certain elaborate pipes, you may find an increased volume of bubbles as you are pulling. Pull a little slower and you will notice less bubbles as tar begins to get trapped.

Are there any known health concerns?

Allergen Information: All flavors of Cleanest Hits Smoke Filtration contain citric acid. Do not use Cleanest Hits Mint if sensitive to peppermint.

Cautions: Do not intentionally ingest. In case of eye contact, flush eyes with water for 10-15 minutes.

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